Senior Project Topics for European University Cyprus – CSE students

“When nonacademics voice the suspicion that junior professors publish only to secure tenure, they merely exhibit their complete ignorance of the academic world.”

- Robert Paul Wolff, “The Ideal of the University”

Welcome to my website. My name is Georgios Christou, and I am an Assistant Professor at the European University Cyprus, in Cyprus. I received my Ph.D. in 2007 at Tufts University, in Human-Computer Interaction, and was lucky enough to have Prof. Robert J. K. Jacob as my advisor. My external committee member, and also second advisor, was Assoc. Prof. Frank E. Ritter of Penn State U. While my Ph.D. was in the evaluation of Reality-Based Interaction Systems, now my research focus has shifted towards video games.

Now my research revolves around video games. In particular I’m especially interested in three topics: Digital Game Design and Development, Player eXperience Evaluation, and in designing and evaluating social structures for MMOGs. Here you’ll find information about my research projects, my publications, and my teaching.

I’m always open to suggestions for research collaborations, so if you like what you see here, drop me a line!

You can find my full updated CV here.

Current Position

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at European University Cyprus. I currently teach the following:

  • CSC 205 – Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSC 326 – Programming in Unix-Like Environments
  • CSC 391 – Digital Game Design


Ph.D. in Computer Science (05/2007) at Tufts University

Dissertation: CoDeIn: A Knowledge-Based Framework for the Description and   Evaluation of Reality Based Interaction

Advisor: Robert J. K. Jacob

M.S. in Computer Science (05/2001) at Tufts University

Project: Database Security using Inference Mechanisms (my master’s thesis here)

Advisor: James G. Schmolze

B.S. in Cognitive Science and Computer Science (12/1998) at Carnegie Mellon University